Electronic Music Diary is a french association (Act 1901) created on 1st of August to develop electronic music events communication.

Our goal is to provide the public some tools to be informed and kept up to date of great events that would be of interest or nearby.

It’s for this purpose only that we created this association and we now manage a brand new website:

It’s an online database with a great amount of information on parties and electronic music festivals.

This free to use tool helps provide additional means of communication to event organizers and represents an incredible source of information for users.

The website :

This is a worldwide electronic music events agenda.

The site offers the possibility to do highly targeted search according to your preferences (dates, geography, music type...).

It provides all the key information related to the selected event and allows you to purchase your tickets, post a carpooling or a simple comment, watch videos of previous years or to return add your photos.

This tool is worldwide free, as it is important for us to maintain an international dimension and enable everyone to access its information.

In addition to being available in English, this website references a maximum of events around the globe allowing people traveling or resident abroad to find their musical worlds everywhere.

How we add events :

We try to reference a maximum of festivals and big parties, but we can’t publish everything ... the world is too big!

If you wish to add an event as an organizer, you can do it very simply on site via the icon "Add an event".

However, if you are a foreign organization, simply contact us (Website : "contact" section) specifying at least the event’s name, the date and location.

Music styles:

We have also chosen not to issue a value judgment on the different musical styles and reference ALL KINDS of electronic music events (EDM through Hard, Trance, and Bass music).

You are free to customize your search according to your taste ;)

Categories are not in place to put limits between different kind of music but to make your search easier by providing a musical theme.

Free party:

To preserve the "free" movement from internet, no information will be relayed here.

Any event posted on the website must be organized according to the law in force at the event location.

Thank you for understanding and support.

Thanks again for the time you take to read these few lines.

EMD's whole team wishes you a good use of the site.

For all comments, please contact us via the link below or in the "contact" part of


Have a good one!



Resident Advisor :

Established in 2001, Resident Advisor (RA) is an online music magazine and community platform that's dedicated to showcasing electronic music, artists and events across the globe.

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DJ Mag :

DJ Mag is the world's biggest resource for DJs and fans of electonic dance music (EDM). It is also the host of annual polls Top 100 DJs & Top 100 Clubs.

With a heritage that stretches back over two decades, DJ Mag grew up alongside dance music in the UK and is now the definitive global dance music media brand.

The print magazine is released monthly in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Latin America, China & South East Asia, and the global website is the home the most up to date dance music and EDM news in addition to globally renowned music polls Top 100 DJs & Top 100 Clubs.

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